The Dynamic Duo: Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak – A Power Couple in Business and Beyond

andre hakkak wife


Andre Hakkak is a noticeable figure in the monetary business, most popular as the prime supporter and Chief of White Oak Worldwide Counsels. While his expert accomplishments are broadly perceived, his own life, especially his union with Marissa Shipman, adds a charming aspect to his story. Marissa Shipman, a prominent business person, has cut out her progress in the excellence business, securing herself as a critical player with a novel vision and obligation to moral strategic policies. This article digs into their singular processes, shared life, and the effect they have had on their particular ventures.

Andre Hakkak Wife

Marissa Shipman is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a devoted partner to Andre a. hakkak. Her relationship with Andre, a prominent figure in the finance industry, is marked by mutual respect, support, and shared values. Together, they navigate their respective careers while maintaining a strong, loving partnership.

Early Life & Career Beginnings of Marissa Shipman

Marissa Shipman’s excursion into business started with a firmly established enthusiasm for beauty care products. Prior to establishing her own organization, she worked in TV creation, a vocation that at first appeared to be distant from the magnificence business. Be that as it may, her adoration for cosmetics motivated her to investigate making her own items. Not set in stone to rejuvenate her vision, Shipman bought 11 books on making cosmetics and started trying different things with plans in her kitchen. This active methodology established the groundwork for her flourishing business.

Founding theBalm Cosmetics

In 2004, Marissa Shipman founded theBalm Cosmetics, a beauty brand that quickly gained recognition for its high-quality, cruelty-free products. TheBalm stands out in the crowded cosmetics market with its distinctive 1950s-inspired packaging, adding a nostalgic charm to its offerings. Shipman’s innovative mindset and commitment to ethical practices set theBalm apart from its competitors. The company’s product range includes talc-free powders, triple-milled pigments, and various other cosmetics that have garnered a loyal customer base. Over the years, theBalm has expanded its reach, selling products in over 100 countries and establishing a flagship store in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Launching EcoFabulous

Notwithstanding her prosperity with theBalm, Marissa Shipman established EcoFabulous, a perfect wonder brand focusing on Gen Z customers. EcoFabulous underlines feasible and clean fixings, as well as eco-accommodating bundling. This adventure lines up with Shipman’s commitment to moral strategic policies and manageability. Amyris, a manufactured science organization, as of late procured a 70% stake in EcoFabulous, meaning to use its supportable fixings to upgrade the brand’s contributions. This securing highlights the significance of clean magnificence and Shipman’s job in driving this progress ahead.

Education and Philanthropy

Marissa Shipman’s instructive foundation remembers a degree for Theater from Tulane College. Her assorted encounters have added to her imaginative way to deal with business, mixing inventiveness with commonsense business insight. Past her enterprising undertakings, Shipman is effectively associated with altruism. She serves on the leading group of Task Flash, a philanthropic association that gives gifts to high school young ladies and ladies during critical life altering situations, like proms, occasions, and graduations. This job features her obligation to rewarding the local area and supporting young ladies.

Family Life

Regardless of their high-profile professions, Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak focus on keeping an affectionate day to day life. The couple as of late stood out as truly newsworthy for buying a rich chateau in Coral Peaks, Florida, for $13.6 million. The home, situated at 8950 Arvida Drive, highlights six rooms, nine restrooms, a six-vehicle carport, a pool, and extra conveniences. This critical speculation mirrors their princely way of life and devotion to giving an agreeable home to their loved ones.

Balancing Success and Privacy

Shipman and Hakkak’s organization embodies a harmony between proficient achievement and individual responsibility. They have kept their own lives moderately hidden, zeroing in on safeguarding their youngsters from the public eye. This conscious decision highlights their commitment to guaranteeing security and predictability for their family in spite of their public personas. Their capacity to keep an amicable harmony between their requesting vocations and family obligations is a demonstration of their solid qualities and shared needs.

Industry Influence

Marissa Shipman’s impact in the magnificence business stretches out past her pioneering adventures. Her obligation to moral and economical practices has made her a huge figure in the development towards cleaner, more capable excellence items. By focusing on remorselessness free fixings and eco-accommodating bundling, she has set a norm for others in the business to follow. Shipman’s prosperity with both theBalm and EcoFabulous features her capacity to recognize and gain by arising patterns, situating her brands at the very front of advancement in the excellence area.

Community Support

Shipman’s contribution in generosity highlights her complex job as a business chief and local area ally. Her work with Task Flicker not just offers unmistakable help to young ladies during significant life altering situations yet additionally fills in as a motivation for different business people to coordinate social obligation into their plans of action. By utilizing her prosperity to reward the local area, Shipman epitomizes the positive effect that business chiefs can have on society.

Andre Hakkak’s Role

Andre Hakkak’s expert accomplishments supplement those of his significant other. As the fellow benefactor and Chief of White Oak Worldwide Counsels, Hakkak plays had a crucial impact in giving funding answers for little and medium-sized ventures (SMEs) around the world. His authority and vision have assisted White Oak with overseeing more than $10 billion in resources and money north of 20,000 organizations universally. Hakkak’s instructive foundation, which incorporates a B.S. in Money and Advertising from the Haas Institute of Business at the College of California, Berkeley, has furnished him with the information and abilities important to succeed in the monetary business.

Professional Approach

Hakkak’s profession is described by a pledge to ceaseless learning, versatility, and a steady quest for greatness. His capacity to expect market drifts and distinguish potential open doors in areas like innovation, land, and friendliness has situated White Oak as a forerunner in elective obligation the board. Hakkak’s devotion to incorporating Natural, Social, and Administration (ESG) factors into venture choices mirrors his more extensive obligation to social obligation and supportable strategic approaches.

Facing Challenges

Despite facing legal challenges, including allegations related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, Hakkak remains focused on advancing sustainability and empowering SMEs. His commitment to these principles aligns with Marissa Shipman’s dedication to ethical business practices, creating a solid foundation for their partnership. Together, they demonstrate how professional success can be achieved without compromising personal values and social responsibility.


Marissa Shipman is a unique business person whose imaginative and moral way to deal with business has made her a critical figure in the makeup business. TheBalm Beauty care products and EcoFabulous’ endeavors feature her obligation to top caliber, remorselessness free, and economical items.Alongside her professional achievements, Shipman remains dedicated to philanthropic efforts and maintaining a private, family-oriented life with her husband, Andre Hakkak. Their partnership is a testament to the power of balancing career success with personal values, contributing to their shared accomplishments and stable family dynamics. Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak exemplify how business leaders can drive positive change in their industries and communities through their individual and collective efforts.


Who is Marissa Shipman?

Marissa Shipman is a successful entrepreneur known for founding theBalm Cosmetics and EcoFabulous. She is recognized for her innovative and ethical approach to business in the beauty industry.

What companies did Marissa Shipman found?

Marissa Shipman founded theBalm Cosmetics and EcoFabulous. TheBalm is known for its high-quality, cruelty-free products with distinctive 1950s-inspired packaging, while EcoFabulous focuses on clean beauty with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

What is Marissa Shipman’s educational background?

Marissa Shipman has a degree in Theatre from Tulane University. Her diverse educational and professional experiences have contributed to her innovative approach to business.

What philanthropic efforts is Marissa Shipman involved in?

Marissa Shipman is actively involved in philanthropy and serves on the board of Project Glimmer, a nonprofit organization that provides gifts to teenage girls and women during significant life events.

Who is Andre Hakkak?

Andre Hakkak is the co-founder and CEO of White Oak Global Advisors, a firm that provides financing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. He has a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

What is White Oak Global Advisors?

White Oak Global Advisors is a financial firm co-founded by Andre Hakkak. The firm manages over $10 billion in assets and has financed over 20,000 businesses globally, focusing on providing financing solutions to SMEs.

How do Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak balance their careers and personal life?

Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak prioritize maintaining a close-knit family life despite their demanding careers. They focus on shielding their children from the public eye and ensuring privacy and normalcy for their family.

What impact have Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak had on their respective industries?

Marissa Shipman has significantly influenced the beauty industry through her commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Andre Hakkak has played a pivotal role in the financial industry by providing essential financing solutions to SMEs and promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

What is the significance of the mansion in Coral Gables, Florida?

The mansion in Coral Gables, Florida, purchased by Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak for $13.6 million, symbolizes their affluent lifestyle and dedication to providing a comfortable home for their family.

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