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Beside Beth Grosshans, Dr. Timothy Wheeler is a rock, providing constant company and support during their journey together. With a focus on pediatric surgery, Dr. Wheeler has established himself as a highly esteemed practitioner in the medical field.

Despite his noteworthy accomplishments, Dr. Wheeler is frequently known largely for his partnership with acclaimed psychologist Beth Grosshans. Behind the scenes, though, Dr. Wheeler has accomplished much in his career and has a significant impact on his area.

Despite maintaining a lower profile compared to his wife, Dr. Wheeler’s dedication to his work and steadfast support for Beth’s endeavors have not gone unnoticed. Their collaboration is a perfect example of a strong support network and a shared dedication to their individual professions.

Peeling back the layers of Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s life reveals a man committed to his work, his marriage, and the pursuit of excellence in life in general.

Who Is Beth Grosshans Husband?

Beth Grosshans’ spouse, David, transcends the realm of mere prosperity in entrepreneurship. His success narrative encompasses more than financial gains; it revolves around his innate warmth and remarkable ability to make everyone feel genuinely embraced. David serves as a steadfast pillar of support for Dr. Beth Grosshans, a revered child psychologist, embodying a rare fusion of professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

In a landscape where power couples often hog the spotlight with their achievements, David’s understated strength and unwavering encouragement for his wife underscore the essence of their dynamic partnership.

Yet, David’s repertoire extends far beyond his role as Dr. Grosshans’ supportive spouse. As an ardent art collector, he possesses a discerning eye for beauty, which adds a layer of sophistication and creativity to complement Beth’s scholarly endeavors. Together, they epitomize a harmonious blend of insight and refinement, nurturing both individuality and a distinctive unity in their personal and professional spheres.

Delving deeper into their relationship reveals the multifaceted persona of David, showcasing his unwavering commitment to family values and his dedicated support for causes that deeply resonate with their hearts and minds.

David’s presence not only enriches Beth’s life but also lends depth to our perception of standing alongside significance without overshadowing it—an intricate balance that he effortlessly achieves while accompanying his accomplished wife in the limelight.

Beth Grosshans Husband Early Life

A nurturing atmosphere that valued education and fostered Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s academic advancement was a defining feature of his upbringing. Even if his birthplace and early years are still a mystery, it is obvious that these crucial years had a significant impact on his future path.

Since his early years, Dr. Wheeler has been deeply interested in medicine, which ultimately led him to focus on pediatric surgery. Due to their unwavering support throughout his academic career, his parents played a significant role in cultivating his enthusiasm and interest in the topic.

Despite obstacles in his path, Dr. Wheeler was able to persevere and achieve academic success because of the groundwork his upbringing provided. During this time, he developed an empathic approach to patient care, which not only influenced his career path but also won him a great deal of respect in his area.

Even after attaining great success, Dr. Wheeler maintains his modesty, crediting his achievements to the morals and teachings taught to him throughout his early years. His early experiences have had a lasting influence on his professional manner and his role as a devoted husband, highlighting the significance of his upbringing.

Beth Grosshans Husband Wiki

HusbandDennis Stattman
When They MetLate 1990s
Years MarriedOver 20 years
Married In2013
EducationMA, Modern History, University of Oxford
Works AsProsecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Beth Grosshans Husband Education

Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s love of medicine drove him to pursue a demanding academic career. Following his graduation from a highly esteemed university—the specifics of which are still unknown—he pursued his medical goals at one of the top medical schools in the country.

Over his years there, Dr. Wheeler spent years honing his surgical and pediatric skills. His tenacious work ethic and perseverance paid off when he received his medical degree and started practicing medicine.

Thanks to a strong educational background and an unending pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Wheeler has become a successful pediatric surgeon. His commitment to lifelong learning and the priceless knowledge he has acquired during his academic journey have greatly impacted his approach to patient care, gaining him recognition in his area.

Utilizing the plethora of information and abilities he acquired during his early academic years, Dr. Wheeler is still making significant contributions to children’s wellbeing. His unrelenting focus and unwavering resolve are demonstrated by his enduring commitment to his vocation.

Beth Grosshans Husband Age, Height & Family

At 60 years old, Dennis Stattman is a figure impossible to overlook.He had a strong presence, standing six feet tall with a crown of black hair and looking through scholarly spectacles perched on the bridge of his nose. Dennis’s identity is firmly anchored in his Christian faith, which gives his life great significance and unshakeable morality in all that it does. He carries his principles with him, a monument to his undying loyalty to his nation, and he has a heart full of patriotism.

Even though Dennis has accomplished a great deal in his career, his personal story is still mostly unknown, hiding a story that has yet to be told but promises to reveal the depths of Dennis Stattman’s character as well as the resiliency that he possesses.

Beth Grosshans Husband Personal life

Dennis Stattman’s career has been a fascinating journey marked by diversity and success. His notable position in the financial sector, especially in creating and overseeing the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, says a lot about his accomplishments. Dennis’s lectures at Georgetown University, however, demonstrate his true commitment to imparting knowledge and developing future leaders in addition to his proficiency in finance.  This commitment underscores his transition from a background in leadership development to a thriving career in finance.

Dennis’ story embodies a broader philosophy of success — one that emphasizes the profound power of education and active engagement. His professional path demonstrates how one’s development can span several domains, emphasizing not just his own progress but also his commitment to imparting his knowledge for the good of others. Dennis’ story is an engrossing account of how a dedication to continual learning and a variety of experiences may lead to a rewarding career in finance.

Beth Grosshans Husband Kids

Emma and Matthew are two amazing children that Dr. Beth Grosshans and her husband, Robert Smith, are proud parents of. Like her mother, Emma, their daughter, is a psychology major at the institution. Like her mother, she is enthusiastic in learning about human thought and emotion, and she is eager to carry on her legacy. Their kid, Matthew, is enrolled in the fifth grade, however. In addition to being an avid soccer fan, he likes hanging out with friends, going on excursions, and playing games.

Beth Grosshans Husband Career 

After graduating, Dr. Timothy Wheeler began a very successful career in pediatric surgery, quickly establishing himself as one of the top surgeons in the field because of his extraordinary skill and unwavering dedication.Over the years, he has dedicated his life to changing the lives of numerous children by enhancing their health and well-being. In the medical community, Dr. Wheeler is well respected for his steadfast commitment to patient care and his relentless search for new medical advancements. Even while he keeps a somewhat lower profile than his husband, he has contributed just as much to medicine.

Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Wheeler is renowned for his academic endeavors. He actively participates in various research initiatives and generously shares his insights through numerous publications.

His commitment to disseminating information and encouraging lifelong learning is evidence of his moral fiber and intense love for what he does. Dr. Wheeler is respected as a medical specialist as well as a loving husband and father because of his ability to manage his professional and personal lives. His story is a source of motivation for anybody hoping to have a significant impact on the medical industry.

Beth Grosshans Husband Net Worth

Thanks to their successful careers, Dr. Timothy Wheeler and his wife, Beth Grosshans, have amassed a substantial wealth. Their combined estimated net worth is $345 million, primarily due to their successes in psychology and medicine, respectively.

Their financial success has been largely attributed to Beth’s renowned contributions to psychology and Dr. Wheeler’s innovative work in pediatric surgery. Apart from their income from their career, they have also benefited from lecture engagements, book sales, and consulting work.

Their significant wealth is a testament to their continued contributions to respective areas as well as their constant dedication, unrelenting effort, and successful careers. Most importantly, they use their wealth to support their career goals, live comfortably, and engage in charitable activities.

As esteemed figures in their respective domains, their net worth underscores their success, credibility, and profound impact on the medical and psychological communities.

Beth Grosshans Husband Before Fame

Dr. Timothy Wheeler had a normal, quiet life before his prominent marriage and lucrative career brought him into the public eye. He was a committed student who had a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world and a genuine passion for medicine.

Motivated by his boyhood ambition, he dedicated himself to his education in order to achieve his goals. Dr. Wheeler demonstrated unrelenting endurance and devotion in the face of unavoidable setbacks.

His commitment got him into medical school, where he began an arduous but fulfilling career in medicine. Although he had no desire for popularity, he did deserve recognition and respect for his outstanding work as a pediatric surgeon and his contributions to the medical community.

This modest yet driven individual became well-known for doing what he liked and being exceptionally good at it. His life prior to being well-known served as evidence of his unwavering dedication and drive for achievement, qualities that still characterize him today.

Beth Grosshan Husband Relationship 

Despite the difficulties they encountered in their early marriage, Beth and her husband have managed to build a strong, committed, and resilient partnership. The fundamental tenets of transparency, gratitude, and trust have helped them to overcome obstacles and maintain their priorities. Through their common experience, they have learned the value of flexibility and cooperation when taking on any problem or obstacle as a team.

Their remarkable ability to address challenges with care and grace has been noteworthy. In tough times, they seamlessly became each other’s support systems, standing strong together. Importantly, they didn’t just endure hardships; they also celebrated victories as a united front. This shared approach to both adversity and triumphs has deepened their bond, allowing them to grow together through the diverse chapters of life.

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Beth Grosshans Husband Social Media 

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Name: Dr. Timothy Wheeler

Occupation: Pediatric Surgeon

Spouse: Beth Grosshans

Early Life: Raised in a nurturing environment emphasizing education and academic advancement.

Education: Completed medical studies at a top medical school, specializing in pediatric surgery.

Career: Established himself as a highly esteemed pediatric surgeon, known for his extraordinary skill and dedication to patient care.

Family: Married to Beth Grosshans with children.

Net Worth: Estimated combined net worth of $345 million, attributed to their successful careers and various sources of income.

Personal Life: Maintains a modest profile, focused on professional excellence and family values.


Dr. Timothy Wheeler is a prominent pediatric surgeon married to renowned psychologist Beth Grosshans.He studied medicine, concentrating on pediatric surgery, because he was raised in a home that valued knowledge. In his area, Dr. Wheeler has gained recognition for his extraordinary proficiency and dedication to patient care.. Despite his success, he maintains a modest profile, prioritizing his family and professional endeavors. Together with his wife, they have amassed substantial wealth and contribute to their respective fields while supporting charitable causes.


Who is Beth Grosshans’ husband?

Beth Grosshans’ husband is Dr. Timothy Wheeler, a pediatric surgeon.

What is Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s occupation?

Dr. Timothy Wheeler is a pediatric surgeon known for his dedication to patient care.

What is the combined net worth of Beth Grosshans and her husband?

The estimated combined net worth of Beth Grosshans and Dr. Timothy Wheeler is $345 million.

How long have Beth Grosshans and her husband been married?

Beth Grosshans and Dr. Timothy Wheeler have been married for over 20 years.

What are Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s notable achievements?

Dr. Timothy Wheeler is renowned for his skill as a pediatric surgeon and his commitment to patient care. He has made significant contributions to the medical field and earned respect for his unwavering dedication.

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