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Madonna Louise Ciccone is an entertainer, artist, and musician from the US, broadly known as the ‘Sovereign of Pop’. She is profoundly perceived for her steady reconsidering and adaptability in visual show, music creation, and songwriting. In any case, what amount do you are familiar her loved ones? Did you had any idea about that Stelle Ciccone would one say one is of her little girls?

Who is Stelle Ciccone? 

She is an American superstar kid. She is broadly perceived for being the embraced girl of Madonna Ciccone. Madonna embraced her and her twin sister Estere from a Malawian shelter in 2017.

Stelle Ciccone Biography 

Stelle Ciccone was brought into the world on 24 August 2012 in Malawi to Adam and Patricia Mwale. Stelle Ciccone’s age is a decade starting around 2022. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Stelle Ciccone Wiki

Full NameStelle Ciccone
Date of Birth24 August 2012
Age10 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Place of BirthMalawi
Current ResidenceNew York, USA
Height (feet)4′
Height (centimeters)121
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
FatherAdam Mwale
MotherPatricia Mwale
Adoptive MotherMadonna Louise Ciccone

Stelle Ciccone Age

The young lady was brought into the world on 24th August 2012 in a modest community in Malawi. She is 9 years of age in 2022. Madonna frequently observes Stelle Ciccone’s birthday in a stupendous way the manner she does with her different youngsters and offers their experiences on her virtual entertainment pages

What is the Height of Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle is a lovely child with a kind and humble personality. She is currently 4 feet tall, but her height will soon increase as she is in her growing phase. Furthermore, this young lady has stunning black eyes and black hair. Unfortunately, no information about her chest-waist-hip circumference or other body measurements is available.

Stelle Ciccone parents & siblings

A girl came into existence through the union of Patricia and Adam Mwale, who were agrarians by occupation. Sadly, she was deprived of the sight of her biological progenitor, as her mother succumbed shortly after delivering her and her twin sibling Estere, due to complications arising from the cesarean procedure.

Estere and Stelle’s paternal progenitor lacked the financial resources to provide for them adequately. Consequently, he made the decision to transport them to the Home of Hope orphanage situated in Mchinji, while he visited them on a regular basis.

In the year 2017, their paternal progenitor consented to Madonna adopting his twin daughters, aspiring to afford them a superior existence. Subsequently, they relocated to New York, United States, to commence residing with the renowned Queen of Pop.

The artist recognized for the piece “Like a Prayer” is a mother to six offspring, comprising two biological and four adopted children. Among her biological progeny are Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (born 1996) and Rocco Ritchie (born 2000). In 2006, she welcomed into her family a one-year-old named David Banda from Malawi. Furthermore, in 2009, Madonna embraced a four-year-old named Mercy James, also hailing from Malawi.

How Many Children Does Madonna have?

She has two organic kids and four embraced youngsters.Two of Madonna’s regular teenagers were born in 1996 and 2000, respectively: Rocco Ritchie and Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Her adopted children are David Banda, a young Malawian boy she embraced when he was one year old in 2006; Generosity James, a young Malawian girl she embraced when she was four years old in 2009; and Stelle and Estere, twin Malawian children she embraced when they were four years old in 2017.

Stelle Ciccone Net Worth

X is presently attending educational institutions and has not yet commenced generating her own revenue. Conversely, her progenitor, a luminary in the realm of Rock and Roll Hall, boasts an estimated fortune of $850 million. She possesses approximately $80 million in tangible assets and a trove of artistic compilations appraised at over $100 million.

X Ciccone and her duplicate sibling Estere are presently ensconced in a lifestyle that many young females aspire to possess. They are bestowed with myriad opportunities to orchestrate their destinies, now being under the tutelage and maternal guidance of the renowned pop diva, Madonna.

Stelle Ciccone Relationship 

This young fellow isn’t sincerely engaged with anybody. Therefore, she is excessively youthful to date anybody at this moment. She is as of now partaking in her single status with her loved ones. Stelle might have a few connections later on.

Stelle Ciccone Social Media

Stelle and Estere, indistinguishable twins, have a joint Instagram account. They have over 7K adherents on their Instagram account ‘@cicconetwins’ and have shared numerous photographs with their mom, Madonna.


Adoption: Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister Estere were adopted by Madonna in 2017 from a Malawian orphanage, providing them with a new family and home in New York City.

Siblings: Stelle Ciccone has five siblings in total, including her twin sister Estere. They join Madonna’s other children, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, and Mercy James, creating a diverse and loving family dynamic.

Privileged Lifestyle: As the daughters of Madonna, Stelle and Estere enjoy a privileged lifestyle with access to opportunities for education, travel, and personal development under the guidance of their famous mother.

Influence of Madonna: Growing up in the household of a pop icon like Madonna exposes Stelle Ciccone to the world of music, entertainment, and creativity from an early age, potentially shaping her interests and aspirations in the future.

Social Media Presence: Stelle and Estere, as identical twins, have a joint Instagram account (@cicconetwins), where they share glimpses of their life with their followers, often featuring their mother, Madonna, in their posts.

Cultural Background: While Stelle Ciccone was born in Malawi, she now resides in the United States, experiencing the blend of cultures and opportunities that come with her new home.

Educational Pursuits: Despite her young age, Stelle is likely attending school like any other child her age, laying the foundation for her future academic and personal growth.

Parental Support: Alongside Madonna’s fame and success, Stelle Ciccone and her siblings benefit from the love, care, and support of their mother, who is known for her dedication to her family as much as her career.


Stelle Ciccone, born in Malawi in 2012, was adopted by Madonna in 2017 along with her twin sister, Estere. Raised in New York, USA, by the iconic pop star, Stelle is part of a blended family that includes two biological and four adopted siblings. Although she’s still young, Stelle enjoys a comfortable lifestyle and the guidance of her famous mother.


1. How old is Stelle Ciccone? Stelle Ciccone was born on August 24, 2012, making her 10 years old as of 2022.

2. Who are Stelle Ciccone’s parents? Stelle’s biological parents are Adam and the late Patricia Mwale. Madonna, the pop icon, adopted Stelle along with her twin sister, Estere, in 2017.

3. How many children does Madonna have? Madonna has six children in total, including Stelle and Estere. She has two biological children, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Rocco Ritchie, and four adopted children, including Stelle and Estere, David Banda, and Mercy James.

4. What is Madonna’s net worth? Madonna’s estimated net worth is $850 million, making her one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world.

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