Unveiling GideaPAC’s All Plastic Collection: Elevating Packaging Standards for a Sustainable Future


Gidea PAC, a leading packaging solutions provider, is thrilled to unveil its latest collection of All Plastic trigger sprayers and lotion pumps, marking a significant advancement in the packaging industry. This new range not only showcases sustainability, reliability, and customization options but also ensures the safety and integrity of formulas, free from concerns about potential reactions to metal springs. Gidea PAC invites brands to embark on an exciting journey toward the future of packaging innovation.

The Advantages of All Plastic

Gidea PAC’s All Plastic products offer a multitude of advantages that elevate packaging standards to new heights. By incorporating All Plastic solutions, brands can confidently safeguard the safety and integrity of their formulas, as the state-of-the-art design guarantees that the packaging remains unaffected, maintaining the highest quality standards. Moreover, the All Plastic packaging is easily recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice that aligns perfectly with sustainability goals.

Introducing the All Plastic Lotion Pump  

At the forefront of Gidea PAC’s collection is the All Plastic Lotion Pump, which exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainable packaging. Crafted from widely recyclable PP plastic, this eco-friendly pump sets a new benchmark for reliability in the industry. Gidea PAC has successfully achieved an all-plastic design by incorporating an innovative plastic spring and pom ball into their products.

Extensive Customization Possibilities

Gidea PAC understands that each brand has unique requirements, which is why the All Plastic pumps offer extensive customization options. Brands can choose between a smooth or ribbed finish and select from neck sizes 18/410, 20/410, and 24/410. Additionally, the pump can be further tailored by opting for a flat or curved head style. In terms of branding, Gidea PAC offers the flexibility to produce the All Plastic lotion pump in the desired color, ensuring seamless alignment with the brand identity.

Innovative, Sustainable, and Aesthetically Pleasing

The Gidea PAC All Plastic collection goes beyond mere functionality, offering a range of packaging solutions that embody a new era of excellence. With limitless possibilities and the removal of constraints, brands are empowered to explore innovative packaging options. Gidea PAC’s commitment to sustainability allows brands to embrace environmentally conscious practices without sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

Embrace the Future of Packaging Innovation

Gidea PAC warmly invites brands to join them on an exciting journey toward the future of packaging innovation. With their latest All Plastic collection, brands can elevate their packaging standards, ensure formula safety, and contribute to a sustainable future. Discover the possibilities and unleash your brand’s potential with Gidea PAC’s cutting-edge packaging solutions.

About Gidea PAC

Gidea PAC is a leading packaging solutions provider dedicated to revolutionizing the industry with innovative, sustainable, and customizable products. With a focus on All Plastic packaging, Gidea PAC aims to deliver excellence in reliability, performance, and aesthetics while prioritizing environmental responsibility. For more information, visit gidea pac

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