What to Expect in BLS Renewal Online

BLS Renewal

BLS certification allows medical professionals, first responders, and public safety professionals to recognize life-threatening emergencies and give immediate care to the victim. For those regularly performing lifesaving procedures, it is important to renew their BLS certification to help someone in need. With BLS online renewal, you can easily and conveniently renew your certification.

BLS certification is a comprehensive course designed for healthcare providers and first responders. Regular BLS certification renewal shows that you can perform BLS procedures whenever there is a medical emergency. 

Here’s all you need to know about renewing BLS certification and what you should expect when signing up for one.

What will you learn in a BLS renewal online course?

Basic life support (BLS) involves spotting signs of sudden problems like a heart attack, stroke, or blocked airway. You are also trained to deliver immediate care using high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automated external defibrillator (AED). The recertification course covers the following:

  • Changes in BLS techniques and guidelines 

The renewal course covers any changes or updates in techniques, guidelines, and protocols. Since BLS certification is a life-saving skill, there are constant course upgrades based on research and new findings. It is important to be up-to-date with knowledge and information to administer BLS correctly and without legal issues.

  • Chain of survival

For successful resuscitation, it is crucial to follow a set of steps called the chain of survival. This module of the BLS renewal course focuses on refreshing and improving your knowledge of the chain of survival so that you are always ready to provide active care to patients in need. 

  • Understanding CPR and AED

In this BLS renewal course module, you will revisit the process of performing CPR on adults, children, and infants. You will also learn about the functioning of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and how to integrate AED with CPR. 

  • Handling choking emergencies

BLS renewal online will help you learn the procedures and techniques to assist a conscious or unconscious choking victim.

  • First aid

This module outlines the treatment of physical injuries like cuts, burns, and fractures.

  • Emergency oxygen administration

Identifying the medical situations that call for ventilation and learning the tips for safe oxygen administration.

  • Handling shock

Learning to address the symptoms and treatment for different types of shocks.

  • Scene assessment 

Obtaining the necessary skills to assess the scene before initiating an emergency response.  

  • Legal and ethical aspects

You will gain insight into both the legal and ethical implications of the incorrect use of life-saving techniques.

  • BLS exam

The BLS online renewal course includes an exam to test your knowledge and proficiency in performing emergency procedures covered by BLS.

What are the benefits of taking a BLS renewal online course?

A renewed BLS certificate boosts your confidence in responding to life-threatening medical emergencies. Getting a BLS renewal certificate online comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Get certified according to your schedule

Opting for a BLS renewal course online is the best option if you have a busy schedule. It is a convenient way to renew your BLS skills instead of making time to attend a classroom-based course. The online BLS course enables you to manage your time better and meet your other obligations.  

  • Access your course material from anywhere

When earning your BLS renewal certificate online, you can access the course materials on the go, which include engaging videos and simulations. Make use of devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets equipped with a stable Internet connection, and complete the renewal course whenever you have time. 

  • Cost-effective

A BLS renewal course does not require a physical facility, thus significantly lowering the expenses compared to in-person classes. There is also no need to spend money on transportation to attend the class. You can complete the course in the comfort of your home. This makes a BLS renewal online course a cost-effective and convenient option. 

  • Immediate certification

Upon successfully passing the exam, the online course gives you immediate access to the digital certificate. It eliminates the inconvenience of waiting for a physical certificate. 

  • Updated course curriculum

Online recertification courses offer current and updated study material.


A BLS renewal course prepares you to handle various medical emergencies confidently and effectively. Regular renewal of basic life support skills is necessary to maintain your emergency readiness. Before registering for a BLS renewal online, make sure to choose a reputable organization that offers training based on the latest practices and guidelines.

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