Which is the Best Dermatologically Tested SPF50 Sunscreen?


With the slow depletion of the ozone layer, the Earth is becoming more vulnerable to UV radiation than ever. This increased exposure seriously threatens our skin, which might result in pigmentation, skin cancer, early aging, and other skin problems. In this scenario, the importance of a nourishing SPF 50 sunscreen cannot be overstated. It acts as a shield, providing an additional layer of protection against the damaging UVA and UVB radiation.

Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin is a crucial part of your daily skincare routine. The market has various options, each claiming to offer unique benefits. But how do you navigate this sea of choices? We’re here to teach you about some of the best dermatologically tested brands that provide maximum protection. This way, you can take charge of your skincare and make an informed decision that’s best for your skin.

5 Advantages of Adding the Best SPF50 Sunscreen in Your Daily Skincare!

Your skin, your primary body part, serves vital purposes, including protecting your body from infections and controlling your body temperature. Although your skin protects your body from the sun’s rays, you should still take precautions to protect your skin when you go outside. If you don’t use sunscreen, several issues might damage your skin. Let’s have a look at the five good reasons to use sunscreen every day.

  1. Minimizes Signs of Premature Aging: 

Use sunscreen as often as possible to lessen the appearance of aging. Leaving the house in the sun without protection can damage your skin’s collagen and connective components, causing you to lose suppleness and develop wrinkles. Regular use of sunscreen helps you maintain a youthful appearance by keeping the damaging effects of UV rays at bay. 

  1. Reduce Sunspot Appearance: 

Sunspots, also referred to as “age spots” or “liver spots,” are another result of UV radiation exposure from the sun that contributes to the appearance of aging. Sunspots are often flat patches of darkened skin, sometimes varying in color from brown to black, that result from skin hyperpigmentation. Sunspots can develop on the body in the following places: the face, shoulders, arms, back, back of the hands, etc.

  1. Prevent Sunburn on the Skin:

A painful sunburn might occur from overexposure to the sun or UV rays (from tanning beds, for example) without protection. Prolonged sun exposure without protection may result in increased sunspots and skin damage. Moreover, sunburn might raise your chance of getting skin cancer. It usually takes many days for a sunburn to cure, so even on gloomy, chilly days, you should always use sunscreen.

  1. Lower Your Chance of Skin Cancer 

Using sunscreen is one of the best methods to lower your chances of developing skin cancer. The stronger the UV protection, the more SPF a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 15 offers. Experts recommend reapplying sunscreen for continuous protection and avoiding sun exposure for over 2 hours, especially after swimming or sweating. Consider towel-drying your skin.

  1. Stay Away from Broken Blood Vessels: 

UV radiation can weaken the skin’s blood vessel walls, a condition sometimes referred to as telangiectasias. The weakening of blood vessels causes the appearance of bleeding or bruises.

Which is the best SPF 50 Sunscreen Available in India?

Sunscreen has evolved from a luxury to a necessity in our daily lives. Higher sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreens are essential when the ozone layer is being destroyed to offer sufficient defense against stronger UV rays. Therefore, those who want to spend much time outside should invest in high-quality sunscreen. 

It is advisable to try out The Derma Co’s bestselling sunscreens to achieve the best protection with the ideal SPF 50 sunscreen. With no further effort required, The Derma Co guarantees that your skin meets the highest standards of modern skincare. Its products are dermatologist-designed to fulfill a wide range of skincare requirements effortlessly. 

We recommend trying The Derma Co Pore Minimizing Priming Sunscreen, a best-selling product that offers maximum protection and nourishment and has gained popularity worldwide. Its 2-in-1 formulation is nourishing and provides the benefits of primer and sunscreen. Thanks to the Derma Co Pore Minimizing Priming Sunscreen’s ability to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores, your skin will seem smoother and matte. 

The derma co pore minimizing sunscreen

The potent blend of chemicals, including Niacinamide, P-Refinyl®, SPF 50 & PA+++, and Seboclear mpTM, evens out skin tone, brightens dark spots, and increases the formation of collagen, all of which prepares your skin for makeup. Also known as Vitamin B3, it helps absorb sweat or extra oil from the skin, keeping your makeup from melting. Seboclear mpTM gently removes blackheads and prevents the formation of acne-causing bacteria, as it prevents excess oil production on your face. P-Refinyl® lessens the appearance of slacked pores. 

The Derma Co Pore Minimizing Priming Sunscreen is effective. Its fast-absorbing composition penetrates the skin and leaves no white residue behind. Its potent antioxidant composition protects your skin against UVA and UVB radiation damage while gliding on like butter. We advise using this mild and safe SPF 50 sunscreen daily for optimal effects.

Additional Recommendations: We advise incorporating niacinamide’s goodness to enhance your skincare regime and promote healthy skin. The therapeutic, protecting, and moisturizing properties of niacinamide help to tighten skin, noticeably reduce enlarged pores, prevent premature symptoms of aging, and even out skin tone. It is also advisable to use niacinamide for acne. 

We advise trying out The Derma Co 3% Niacinamide Foaming Face Wash, which is filled with the beneficial properties of Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, and Niacinamide. This face wash is your skin’s savior in ridding itself of the day’s buildup of excess oil on the skin, grime, and pollutants. The Derma Co niacinamide face cleanser helps lessen acne scarring by regulating sebum production. Go filter-free in every selfie by embracing even, clean skin and bringing home the tremendous exfoliating power of 3% Niacinamide!

Summing Up!

 SPF is an absolute must-have regardless of your skincare regimen throughout the year. While protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, primer sunscreen moisturizes and nourishes it. According to our skincare specialists, if you follow our advice, your at-home skincare routines can provide better results.

You may always choose from an exciting selection of skin care products from The Derma Co based on your skin’s requirements. It offers sheet masks, creams, cleansers, toners, and anything else your skin needs to look healthy. It all comes down to selecting the appropriate sunscreen products for your skincare regimen. Think of using sunscreen as a supplement rather than an extra step. 

Include it in your skincare regimen to protect your skin from UV radiation and environmental irritants that might damage it. Cover your skin with an appropriate amount of SPF 50 sunscreen when you’re at home or have been outside. Recall that keeping your skin healthy requires using sunscreen.

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