Yailin La Mas Viral Net Worth: How She Went From Social Media Fame To Music Stardom

Yailin La Mas Viral Net Worth: How She Went From Social Media Fame To Music Stardom

Yailin La Mas Viral Net Worth
$2-3 million

Yailin La Mas Viral Net Worth

Yailin La Mas Viral is a multi-talented Dominican artist, known for her skills as a rapper, model, social media personality, and entrepreneur. She is also the wife of a well-known rapper and is expecting their first child. Yailin’s music encompasses genres like Dembow, Latin Trap, and Reggaeton, reflecting her diverse talents and broad appeal.

Her rise to fame has brought her significant financial success, with substantial earnings from her music career and lucrative brand partnerships. Estimates suggest that Yailin La Mas Viral net worth ranges from $2-3 million USD, showcasing her thriving career and financial acumen. Additionally, her YouTube channel has become a significant source of income, further solidifying her status as a prominent artist.

Looking ahead, projections indicate that Yailin La Mas Viral net worth is expected to grow significantly, with earnings exceeding $783 million in 2024. Her continued success and entrepreneurial ventures highlight her as a leading figure in the music industry.

How much is Yailin la Mas viral worth?

Yailin La Mas Viral has achieved significant success in the entertainment industry, leading to substantial wealth. Reports indicate that the talented singer and rapper has a net worth ranging from $2 million to $3 million.

Much of her wealth stems from her successful music career, where she has garnered a massive following. Additionally, Yailin earns income from brand endorsements and her presence on social media platforms. Her YouTube channel and music tours also contribute significantly to her earnings.

Yailin’s rise to fame has allowed her to showcase a lavish lifestyle on her social media channels. Her journey from humble beginnings to her current success is evident in the way she shares her life with her followers, portraying a story of achievement and prosperity.

Who Is Yailin La Mas Viral?

Who is Yailin La Mas Viral?

Yailin La Mas Viral is a Dominican musician whose charm and talent have captured the hearts of many. Known for her beauty and captivating presence, Yailin has made a name for herself with hit songs like “La Piri,” “Nataly,” and “Hipocrita.” Her music, which spans genres like Dembow, Latin Trap, and Reggaeton, resonates with fans around the world, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Beyond her music, Yailin has also garnered attention for her personal life, particularly her relationship with Anuel AA, to whom she was previously married. Their relationship and impending parenthood have been the subject of widespread interest and discussion, further adding to Yailin’s fame. Recently, she has been sharing insights into her pregnancy journey, including tips on maintaining her physique while expecting, demonstrating her openness with her fans and followers.

As she navigates both her personal life and musical career, Yailin continues to captivate audiences with her talent, beauty, and relatable experiences. Her journey as a musician and expectant mother serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing her strength, resilience, and passion for her craft.

Yailin La Mas Viral Income Source

Income SourceEstimated Annual Earnings
RappingNot specified
ModelingNot specified
Media InfluencingNot specified
ProducingNot specified
TikTok Creator FundMore than $20,000
YouTube Ad RevenueBetween $18,000 and $42,000

Yailin La Mas Viral earns income from various sources, including her career as a rapper, model, media influencer, and producer. While exact figures are not available, we can estimate her earnings from each of these roles.

On TikTok, Yailin has amassed 6.4 million followers and over 500 million video views. TikTok’s creator fund pays between $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1000 views. Based on this, Yailin likely earns more than $20,000 from the TikTok creator fund.

Yailin also earns from her YouTube channel, which has over 387 thousand subscribers and 10 million views. Google AdSense estimates earnings of $3 to $7 for every 1000 views. Assuming Yailin receives 500k monthly views, she could be making between $1500 and $3500 each month from YouTube ad revenue.

Are Yailin la Mas Viral’s Parents Rich?

Yailin la Mas Viral’s parents do not appear to be wealthy based on the information provided. Yailin grew up in Santo Domingo with her mother, father, and sister, suggesting a typical family upbringing. The mention of her father’s tragic car accident and the money he left her for her first car implies that they were of modest means. It seems that any financial support Yailin received was from her father’s inheritance rather than ongoing wealth.

Wiki/ Bio Of Yailin La Mas Viral

Full/Real name Jorgina Lulú Guillermo Díaz
Nick/Popular nameYailin la Mas Viral
Birth date 4 July 2002
BirthplaceSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
Age (As of 2023)21 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Ethnicity Dominican
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusDating
SpouseAnuel AA (m. 2022; separated 2023) 
Boyfriend 6ix9ine 
Famous ForBeing a singer and a rapper
Height5’6″, 168cm
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
ProfessionRapper, singer, social media influencer
Years Active2019–present
Music GenresDembow, Latin trap, reggaeton

Yailin La Mas Viral Early Life And Education

Yailin La Mas Viral Early Life and Education
Google has well-covered about Yailin La Mas Viral.

Yailin La Mas Viral, born on July 4, 2002, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is a rising star in the music industry and social media scene. At just 19 years old in 2024, she has already achieved remarkable success and popularity. Yailin has harbored dreams of becoming a social media influencer, music artist, content creator, singer, dancer, and model from a young age. Encouraged by her parents, who were avid music enthusiasts, she began singing in various programs during her school days, quickly establishing herself as a talented musician within her school community.

Yailin’s passion for music led her to pursue a career in the industry, prompting her to leave the Dominican Republic for Puerto Rico. Her journey as a musician started early and has been marked by dedication and talent. Throughout her childhood, she participated in various music programs, winning numerous awards along the way. Yailin’s commitment to her craft and her early successes have set the stage for a promising career ahead.

Yailin La Mas Viral Music Career

Yailin La Mas Viral Music Career

Before stepping into the music scene, Yailin made a name for herself as a social media sensation. Her Instagram, boasting over 11.4 million followers, showcased her captivating photos, propelling her to fame. TikTok and YouTube also became platforms where she flourished, amassing a following of over 6.7 million and 1.05 million respectively.

Yailin’s musical journey took off when she inked a deal with Akino Mundial Music in 201. Her debut track, a remix of “Quién Me Atraca a Mí” featuring Haraca Kiko under Gatty Music, hit the airwaves in August 2020. Following this, she dropped “Yo No Me Voy Acostar” with Tokischa and La Perversa in December 2020.

However, it was in 2021 that Yailin truly made her mark with the release of the chart-topping “Chivirika” featuring El Villano RD, a song that catapulted her to stardom. Harnessing her online fame, she seamlessly transitioned into a music career, collaborating with renowned artists like Anuel AA, 6ix9ine, and Shadow Blow.

Yailin’s pursuit of a singing career led her from the Dominican Republic to the United States. Starting as a dancer in music videos, she transitioned to singing, which expanded her skills and network. This path eventually led to her signing with Akino Mundial Music at just seventeen.

Continuing to grow her musical repertoire, Yailin collaborated with Anuel AA on “Si Tú Me Busca” in April 2022. More collaborations followed, including “Soy Mamá (remix)” with la Insuperable and Farina in October 2022, “Solo Tú y Yo” with Shadow Blow in April 2023, and “Narcisista,” a track dedicated to her former partner Anuel AA, in June of the same year. She also featured in 6ix9ine’s single “Pa Ti,” released in June 2023, showcasing her versatility and ongoing relevance in the music industry.

Yailin La Mas Viral Discography

Yailin La Mas Viral Discography
TypeTitleYearOther Performer(s)Album
Singles (Lead Artist)Deposito De Leche2021
Singles (Lead Artist)Cuero
Singles (Lead Artist)Eso Da Pa ToShadow Blow
Singles (Lead Artist)Solo Tú y Yo2023Shadow Blow
Singles (Lead Artist)Narcisista
Singles (Lead Artist)MIA
Singles (Lead Artist)FEEFAFOBen El, 6ix9ineBlackballed
Singles (Lead Artist)Bad Bxtch
Singles (Lead Artist)Trola Remix2024Mestizo Is Back
Singles (Lead Artist)Nota
Singles (Guest Artist)Quién Me Atraca a Mí (remix)2020Haraca Kiko
Singles (Guest Artist)NatalyCeky Viciny
Singles (Guest Artist)Yo No Me Voy AcostarTokischa, La Perversa
Singles (Guest Artist)Chivirika2021El Villano RD
Singles (Guest Artist)Si Tu Me Busca2022Anuel AA
Singles (Guest Artist)La MáquinaAnuel AA, Jowell & Randy, De La GhettoLLNM2
Singles (Guest Artist)Del KiloAnuel AA, TreintisieteLLNM2
Singles (Guest Artist)Chikilio2023Menor Queen, Zunna
Singles (Guest Artist)Pa Ti20236ix9ineLeyenda Viva
Singles (Guest Artist)Shaka Laka6ix9ine, Kodak BlackBlackballed
Singles (Guest Artist)COCO20246ix9ine

Yailin la Mas Viral’s discography showcases her versatility as both a lead and guest artist. She has released singles spanning various genres, including reggaeton and Latin trap, collaborating with a range of artists. Her lead singles include “Deposito De Leche,” “Eso Da Pa To” featuring Shadow Blow, and “Solo Tú y Yo” featuring Shadow Blow. Notable guest appearances include “Si Tu Me Busca” with Anuel AA and “Chikilio” with Menor Queen and Zunna. Yailin’s music has gained popularity for its catchy beats and energetic performances, solidifying her position in the music industry.

What is Yailin famous for?

What is Yailin famous for?

Yailin La Mas Viral, whose real name is Jorgina Lulú Guillermo Díaz, has captivated audiences with her talent as a singer, rapper, and social media influencer. Her breakthrough came in 2021 with the release of “Chivirika,” a collaboration with El Villano RD that quickly gained popularity. This success propelled her into the spotlight, leading to her first tour across the United States, where she further established herself as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Born in July 2002, Yailin is set to turn 22 years old in 2023, showcasing her talent from a young age. Before her TikTok fame, she was already making waves on social media, particularly on YouTube, where she amassed a significant following. Yailin’s passion for music blossomed during her school years, when she participated in various music programs and earned recognition for her singing prowess. Her decision to pursue a music career full-time led her to leave the Dominican Republic for Puerto Rico, a move that would prove pivotal in her rise to fame.

Yailin La Mas Viral Married Life

Yailin La Mas Viral Married Life

Yailin La Mas Viral was previously married to Anuel AA, a well-known Puerto Rican singer and rapper. Their relationship garnered significant attention, especially after they got engaged shortly after Anuel ended his engagement to Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G. Yailin and Anuel’s relationship became public in January 2022, and they further solidified their bond by collaborating on the reggaeton love song “Si Tu Me Busca” in February of the same year.

The couple surprised many of their fans by announcing their marriage in June 2022, which was followed by rumors of divorce in August. However, they dispelled these rumors with a pregnancy announcement in November, showing their commitment to their relationship.

Sadly, despite these efforts, Yailin and Anuel’s marriage ended in February 2023, while Yailin was still pregnant. Despite their separation, Anuel expressed his commitment to being a responsible father to their daughter, Cattleya, who was born in March 2023. Following the separation, Yailin moved on and began dating Tekashi 6ix9ine, while Anuel announced a new girlfriend on social media. The ups and downs of Yailin’s romantic life have been a topic of much interest among fans and followers, showcasing the complexities of love and relationships in the spotlight.

Amazing Facts About Yailin La Mas Viral

Amazing Facts About Yailin La Mas Viral
  • Yailin La Mas Viral was born in the Dominican Republic.
  • Her music tracks are available on Spotify, where she has written nearly 17 songs.
  • Speculations suggest that she is currently dating DJ Sammy.
  • Yailin has participated in several interviews and live programs.
  • She published her first Instagram post on December 9, 2021.
  • Yailin has naturally blonde hair that she likes to tint different colors.
  • She has a few tattoos on her hand.
  • Yailin creates TikTok lip-sync videos.


Yailin La Mas Viral net worth is estimated to be around $2 to $3 million as of 2024. She has achieved this through her successful music career, social media presence, brand endorsements, and other entrepreneurial ventures. Yailin rose to fame as a social media personality before transitioning into music, leveraging her large following to launch a successful music career. Known for her unique style of Latin Urban music, Yailin has released several hit songs and collaborated with popular artists, solidifying her position in the music industry. Additionally, she earns from platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify, further contributing to her net worth.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How much money does Yailin La Mas Viral make?

As of 2023, Yailin La Mas Viral is believed to have a net worth of $2 million, illustrating her financial prosperity and growing influence.

2. What is Yailin famous for?

Yailin La Mas Viral blends reggaeton, trap, and hip-hop into her unique style of Latin Urban music. Her lyrics, inspired by her life experiences, often delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and struggle.

3. Who is Yailin La Mas viral signed to?

Iris Live Music LLC/ Equity Distribution has signed Yailin La Más Viral.

4. Is Yailin married?

Yailin La Más Viral was married to Anuel AA from 2022 to 2023. They tied the knot in June 2022.

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