Day-to-Day Duties of a General Contractor?

General Contractor

Construction is an immense industry. A general contractor is the one who starts a construction project by taking responsibility of the whole construction on his shoulders. A general contractor deals with various parties that come to build a project on time and with an allocated budget. A general contractor signs the project with the owners, arranges different subcontractors for different segments of the project. Then he makes a complete estimate of the construction project by seeking construction estimating servicesand updating every subcontractor about their work. He then arranges the labor, machines, equipment, and materials. Finally, he execute the construction plan according to estimations.

Why do Project Owners Hire a General Contractor?

When a construction project is to be executed, there are various services required. These are:

  • Contractors & Vendors
  • Design Consultants
  • Architects
  • Plumbing services
  • Electrical Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • LEED Certifications
  • Construction Materials
  • Design Making Services

When all the above come together then it becomes a difficult and unmanageable job to manage all the parties together. Here is the entry of a general contractor. A general contractor takes the responsibility to manage all parties involved in the project. He is responsible and answerable to all these parties. He coordinates with every party and manages them and their contracts. He signs the project at an amount that he thinks is enough for the project with the highest quality of work and also he can make a good profit from it. Different general contractors some in lines, every one with his own price and conditions. The one who can offer the best quality work and can also offer the lowest price is selected. This is called project bidding.

Planning Daily Jobsite Duties

Constructional projects are long term projects. Logical and strategic techniques are required to develop and manage daily job routine and operations. A good general contractor always develops daily job plans and work accordingly on construction sites. His daily responsibilities involves:

  • Resource planning
  • Operating schedules
  • Developing cost baselines
  • Maintaining Inventories
  • Checking progress updates
  • Payment of vendors and subcontractors
  • Site Inspections
  • Scheduled reviews

Excecuting Jobsite Operations

The daily jobsite operations  are the responsibility of general contractors. Any delay due to any kind of reason is the responsibility of a general contractor. Daily activities on the construction site are managed and controlled by the general contractors. General contractors make sure that work is running on track. His jobsite duties are:

  • Daily project goal tracking
  • Working of subcontractors
  • Ensuring safety & cleanliness of all the workers
  • Taking approvals and permits from concerned authorities
  • Provide secure jobsite
  • Arranging facilities for workers

Arranging & Managing Building Materials without cost overruns

One of the core responsibilities of a general contractor is to arrange the best quality materials for the project. He has to ensure the best quality of the materials by keeping in mind his profit as well. Therefore general contractors prefer construction cost estimating services. These services provide contractors accurate estimates of project’s cost considering all the important factors such as materials quality, project goals, budget limits, and material installations.

Coordination with Vendors, contractors & Sub contractors

A general contractor maintains sequence and work smoothflow between different parties. A general contractor appoints various project entities to different sections of the project. These subcontractors involves, contractors, design consultants, vendors, material suppliers, and subcontractors. These parties are answerable to the general contractor. A general contractor passes on important instructions and informations to the contractors, vendors and all the consultants.

Quality Control & Timelines Management

During the execution of a construction project, the main headache of general contractors is to reach scheduled timeline without compromising any of quality matters. He maintains good quality work on site by minimizing any kind of delay.


The cconstructionproejct involves three main persons, the owner, general contrator and the management team. The owner passes the project to general contractor and the general contractor manages and controls the whole project with his management team till the end of the end of the project. The selection management team of a general contractor is not an easy process, in the same way the material quantity for the whole proeject and the number of labor to work is quit tricky process. With out proper material quantity and labor strength , a general contractor cannot identify the correct amount to bid the project. Construction takeoff serviceshelp the general contractors to quantify all the materials, equipments and labors, and deduce a data. By using this data, the general contractors are easily perform successful bid.

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