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matty matheson wife


Meet Trish Spencer, the stalwart behind Toronto’s dynamic wedding shop scene. A specialist in way of life and design, Trish carries polish and pizazz to each part of her work. Yet, past her expert ability lies a momentous romantic tale entwined with the culinary world’s puzzling figure, Matty Matheson. Their process started in secondary school, ignited by a sister’s support, prompting a little wedding encompassed by friends and family. However, their bond persevered through a wild test when Matty confronted a close lethal coronary episode at 29. Through everything, Trish stood unflinching close by, securing their group of five in the midst of undertakings shared via online entertainment. Go along with us as we dig into the unique association of Trish Spencer and the amazing culinary specialist, Matty Matheson.

Matty Matheson Wife

Trish, a fashion and lifestyle expert from the United States, runs a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada. Trish started dating Matty in secondary school, urged by her sister to allow him an opportunity. Two or three has partaken in a blissful marriage starting around 2014, commending with a little wedding went to by loved ones. Their relationship confronted a significant test when Matty, at 29, almost passed on from a coronary episode connected with substance misuse. Together, Trish and Matty have three youngsters and frequently share photos of their family undertakings via web-based entertainment.

Who is Matty Matheson?

Matty is a gourmet specialist, restaurateur, entertainer, and web character from Canada who is 42 years of age. Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Matty spent his summers working at his granddad’s bistro. In 2000, he moved to Toronto to join a cooking program however in the long run exited to visit as a roadie for his companion’s metal band. In spite of this diversion, Matty found his skill for butchering meat and before long got some work at an eatery. Almost twenty years prior, Matty began leveling up his abilities in cutting edge French culinary methods under Gourmet expert Rand Nguyen at a Toronto café. This obvious the start of Matty’s ascent to distinction as an unmistakable superstar cook. Matty started a YouTube channel in 2006 and now has over 1.3 million subscribers. On it, he shares recipes and cooking advice.

Matty Matheson Biography

Matty Matheson is a legendary culinary virtuoso and a gastronomic force of nature. Brought into the world on the seventh of February, 1986, in the beautiful territory of New Brunswick, Canada, Matheson’s process is one of unrivaled enthusiasm and aptitude. Dig further into the narratives of Matty Matheson’s life, including his age, conjugal status, riches, height, weight, profession direction, familial ties, photos, and account. Figure out essentially all of the enormous achievements and accomplishments in Matty Matheson’s livelihood.

Matty Matheson Wiki

Full NameMatthew James Matheson
Nick NameMatty
Profession NameMatty Matheson
Birthdate7 February 1982
Age40 (As of 2022)
BirthplaceSaint John, New Brunswick
FatherStephen Matheson
MotherJoan Matheson
SisterSarah Matheson
BrothersAdam and Stephen Matheson
KidsMacArthur (2016), Rizzo (2018), Ozzy (2020)
SpouseTrish Spencer
Zodiac SignAquarius
OccupationChef and TV Host

Matty Matheson Personal Life

In the background, Matty Matheson is significantly more than a commended culinary expert. His own process includes beating various difficulties and taking a stab at balance, which adds profundity to his certified and interesting public picture.

Matty Matheson Family 

Matty hails from a magnificently affectionate family. He is of White nationality. His family involves his mom, father, and three kin. His mom, Joan Matheson, functioned as a server at a neighborhood diner. His dad, Stephen Matheson, was an architect. Matty has two siblings, Adam and Stephen, and a sister named Sarah.

He portrays his family as a very close group, featuring major areas of strength for them. His granddad was a restaurateur and a previous RCMP official from Ruler Edward Island. He claimed and worked The Blue Goose café in DeSable, where Matty spent his summers.

Matty Matheson Career

Matheson’s expert process is described by a series of wins in the culinary domain. His residency as the chief gourmet specialist at Parts and Work collected him significant approval, solidly laying out his remaining inside the business. Past his culinary endeavors, Matheson has extended his arrive at through TV appearances and dynamic commitment via web-based entertainment stages, cultivating associations with a different crowd.

Matty Matheson  Body Looks & Tattoos

Matheson has a powerful and striking presence. He looks forcing because of his strong form and tall height. His body is enriched with different tattoos, especially on his arms. On February 2, 2017, he added an angel tattoo to his grouping.

Matty’s #1 tattoo is a pendant plan around his neck. He got his most memorable tattoo at 17 years old. He has additionally referenced his tattoo craftsman, Jessica Swaffer, who has chipped away at a large number of his tattoos.

Matty Matheson Net Worth

Matty Matheson, a famous Canadian connoisseur master, boasts a complete resources $2 million. Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Matheson worked on his culinary capacities at Humber School, where he completed his cook planning and culinary organization preparing. Following graduation, he set out on his culinary excursion at Le Select Bistro, quickly ascending to the position of junior top assistant chef in three years or less. In 2007, he dared to La Range in Kensington Market prior to uniting with Oddfellows and leading the send off of the acclaimed adventure, Parts and Work, in Toronto, Canada.

As of now, Matheson stands firm on the regarded footing of leader gourmet expert at Parts and Work. In 2011, he helped to establish the Gathering of 7 Cooks in Toronto, and the next year saw the origin of P&L Providing food under his administration. Besides, he laid out the Northern Association, working with joint exertion among connoisseur experts from both the U.S. moreover, Canada. Matheson is notable for his solid online entertainment presence. He has showed up in various YouTube series and has an individual Instagram following of north of 340,000 individuals.

Matty Matheson Relationship Status

Matty Matheson was beforehand involved with Trish Spencer, whom he wedded in 2014. Before Trish, he had no other huge connections. They have a wonderful marriage and are enjoying life together.

Several has three kids: MacArthur, brought into the world in 2016; Rizzo, brought into the world in 2018; also, Ozzy, brought into the world in 2020. Matty right now partakes in a satisfying existence with his better half and their three brilliant youngsters.

Matty Matheson Social Media 

As a web character, Matty Matheson appreciates enormous ubiquity via virtual entertainment stages like Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @mattymatheson, bragging a significant following 1.1 million steadfast fans. Through his Instagram account, Matheson shares enamoring posts spinning around food and his undertakings in movement, frequently highlighting his loved ones.

Moreover, Matheson orders a critical presence on YouTube with his channel, suitably named MATTY MATHESON, which brags a great supporter count 1 million. Having joined YouTube on Walk 20, 2006, Matheson transferred his debut video named “Only A Scramble” on September 11, 2019. From that point forward, his channel has gathered a great complete view count surpassing 75.8 million, setting his status as an imposing presence in the computerized domain.


Trish Spencer’s Profession:Trish Spencer is a fashion and lifestyle expert who runs a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada.

Meeting and Marriage:Trish and Matty started dating in high school, encouraged by Trish’s sister. They got married in 2014.

Children:The couple has three children: MacArthur (born 2016), Rizzo (born 2018), and Ozzy (born 2020).

Significant Challenge:Matty Matheson survived a near-fatal heart attack at the age of 29, which was related to substance abuse. Trish stood by his side throughout this challenging period.

Matty’s Early Career:Matty spent his summers working at his grandfather’s restaurant. He moved to Toronto in 2000 to join a cooking program but dropped out to tour as a roadie for a metal band.

Professional Growth:Matty discovered his talent for butchering meat and began working in restaurants. He honed his culinary skills under Chef Rand Nguyen in Toronto, focusing on advanced French culinary techniques.

YouTube Presence:Matty started his YouTube channel in 2006, which now has over 1.3 million subscribers. He shares recipes and cooking advice on the channel.

Social Media Following:Matty has a significant following on Instagram, with over 1.1 million followers. He shares content related to food, family, and his adventures.

Notable Positions:Matty is the executive chef at Parts and Labour and co-founded the Group of 7 Chefs in Toronto. He also launched P&L Catering and the Northern Alliance.

Net Worth:Matty Matheson has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Body and Tattoos:Matty has a powerful build and numerous tattoos, including a favorite pendant design around his neck. He got his first tattoo at 17, and many of his tattoos are done by artist Jessica Swaffer.

Family Background:Matty’s mother, Joan Matheson, worked as a waitress, and his father, Stephen Matheson, was an engineer. He has two brothers, Adam and Stephen, and a sister named Sarah.

Grandfather’s Influence:Matty’s grandfather, a former RCMP officer and restaurateur, owned The Blue Goose restaurant in DeSable, where Matty spent his summers and was influenced by the culinary world.

Relationship Status:Matty and Trish have a strong and fulfilling marriage, frequently sharing their family moments on social media.

TV Appearances:Matty has expanded his reach through TV appearances, further establishing his presence in the culinary and entertainment industries.


Trish Spencer, the spouse of Matty Matheson, is a style and way of life master who runs a marriage shop in Toronto. Their relationship, which started in secondary school, has gotten through critical difficulties, including Matty’s close lethal cardiovascular failure. Matty is a prestigious culinary expert and web character with an effective vocation and a solid virtual entertainment presence. Together, Trish and Matty have constructed a wonderful family and keep on offering their excursion to their fans.


1. Who is Trish Spencer?

Trish Spencer is a fashion and lifestyle expert who runs a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada. She is also the wife of chef Matty Matheson.

2. How did Trish and Matty meet?

Trish and Matty started dating in high school, encouraged by Trish’s sister.

3. How many children do Trish and Matty have?

They have three children: MacArthur, Rizzo, and Ozzy.

4. What is Matty Matheson’s net worth?

Matty Matheson has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

5. What is Matty Matheson known for?

Matty Matheson is known for his work as a chef, restaurateur, TV host, and internet personality.

6. Where can I follow Matty Matheson on social media?

You can follow Matty Matheson on Instagram @mattymatheson and on his YouTube channel, MATTY MATHESON.

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